The Company

Lanscape specializes in providing integrated IT and Networking Solutions for data centers, corporate buildings and special installation cases as factories, storage sites, etc

In particular, Lanscape's activities covers the areas of designing and implementing integrated solutions including:

  • Structure cabling, integrated network infrastructure, electrical networks, active equipment backbone for computer networks, office building automations and security systems in data centers, buildings and industrial places.
  • Backbone fiber networks OM3 10G, OM4 40G for data and telecommunications in data centers, groups of buildings, industrial places, metropolitan areas and wide areas.

Lanscape is a certified installer for designing and constructing networks by PANDUIT, PRYSMIAN (former PIRELLI), Brand Rex and Cisco.

We are authorized to provide warranty contracts form the above Vendors concerning the installation that we provide.

Our specialization and our experience combining with the qualifications of our stuff and a wide range of customers Warranties the construction of trusted and technologically advanced solutions.

Panduit Pirelli Brand-rex Cisco